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Artificial Intelligent Digitizing Design Software

How our digitizing software help customer free from designing ?

Artificial Intelligent Digitizing Software will help the new beginner free from complicated stitch digitizing, any people who has basic knowledge on photo edit, paint, and Edit, they are easily convert their Logo picture, Carton photos, people photos , as well as scanning imagines to be designs by Artificial intelligent digitizing software. which will greatly helpful user on customized embroidering sector. its main function and features included as below.

1) Converting images and artworks into high quality embroidery designs, clear and high resolution photo will cause a high quality result.

2) Converting photos into single color embroidery, you can use any of your photos.

3) Converting photos into cross stitch.

4) Converting photos into sequin ( up to 8 color sequin color on one device) for all kind of photos.

5) Converting photos into Tufting designs.

6) Converting photos into hot motif sequin designs.

For Learning more function of them, please visit our youtube video.

Sales Director: Mr Liu


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